1936 Panther 350cc


As previously on all my restorations I find it helpful to record photographically state of bike before I commence restoration


This photo shows my other bikes and as can be seen the Panther is in reasonable condition a series of different photos with more detail

Bike is in good condition will make restoration relatively simple

 As always photos have been taken to record original condition and to assist in rebuild  




I thought I would commence with refurbishment of the gear box. There is no cover for the kick start mechanism so will have to make myself

Digital StillCamera

Top insert was only used to use as template for hole size for clutch operating mechanism

Digital StillCamera

Showing kick start spring, innovative thinking was required to determine how to tension spring. This was achieved by removing the pressed sleeve which restrained the kick start quadrant this prented a problem as it was now free to rotate on shaft, overcame this by drilling and tapping  kick start lever and inserting holding screws which were manufactured from 1/4 inch rod and threading with die to 1/4inch British Cycle thread.

The spring was tensioned by rotating and then inserting stop bolt the end result is seen below.



Digital StillCamera


With all componets now refurbished assemly can start.

Forks, front guard, front wheel, back wheel and gearbox fitted to frame

Digital StillCamera

Primary Drive Backing and Cover Plate

As bike had no primary chain covers it was very difficult to source. Eventually sourced covers of unknown origin from British motor Cycles Austria.

I was able to modify and I am happy with final result

Rear Wheel Sprocket

Had difficulty with chain match between primary drive and rear wheel eventually was able to find a rear wheel sprocket which required alterations to mounting and then sourced a new chain end result OK

Digital StillCamera


Carburettor dismantled, cleaned and polished and reassembled

Digital StillCamera
Digital StillCamera

RE-position headlight

Mnufactured new brackets to lift head light up happy with the result


Fitted tool box which required for me to manufacture a locking mechanism, also the need to manufacture battery tie downs which I did by cutting strips from an old tyre tube .

petrol tank

The tank after sand blasting was in a sorry state with significant repairs havimg been carried out, I solicited the help of my good friend at Yardmark who sand blast and powder coat many and different configurations. They did an ecellent job in black enamel, however I was of the view that there neede to be a statement made with the tank and engaged a mate of mine Steve May of lizard designs to come up with something different but to utilise the original transfers. I am very happy with the final result.

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